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Facts about Kuching you don't know ! (maybe some of you know these)

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Haishhh.. lamak benar sik update blog tok. rupa dah usang, terbiar lamak gilak. Tok nya post pertama taun 2014, yes, 4 bulan lepas taun baru 2014... malam tok mok bersusei berkenaan "Facts About Kuching"

Kuching, bandaraya yang sik brapa nak femes rah Malaysia, tapi cayak sik ktk urang yg bandar tok bandar paling spesel (special) ?

Kuching seringkali dianggap sik wujud oleh sebilangan rakyat "MALAYSIA" sebab sidak ingat orang Serawak tok diam atas pokok. Masalahnya tek, dalam bnyk2 rumah tradisional rah swk tok, nak ne satu dipolah atas pokok? yahhhhhhhhh....

ok, back to the topic, aku baruk sedar juak tek bertapa spesel nya town kita tok lekak maca fakta-fakta dibah tok. nang diakui gilak fakta tok nang mena (aku tek anak jati Kuching...konon nya tek)...

ok, ktk urang boleh teruskan membaca fakta2 didibah tok,

tpi before ya WARNING kepada sapa yg sikpande english (especially "sebilangan rakyat MALAYSIA" ya tek. tauk2 lah nak sapa...), sila gunakan kemudahan GOOGLE TRANSLATE pake menTRANSLATE text tok ke bahasa MALAYSIA...

Selamat membaca...

by アブン on

Below are some interesting facts about Kuching that we do agree thanks to アブン who had the passion to list them down for us:

1. Kuching is the first city in the country where motorist can 'turn left when exit is clear' legally! (Now started to be implemented in Putrajaya)

2. More than 50% of houses in Kuching are Semi-D and bungalows which is more than any other cities.

3. There are more satelite dishes in the backyard of Kuching houses than other place combined together.

4. Most of Kuching pretty girls go out without make-up,wearing simple short, T-shirt and japanese slippers.(o.O)

5. Kuching is the city where the majority of family in here have the motto of 'one person one car' and not 'one family one car'. When the children get their license, they will eventually have their own car. Form 5 student will drive to school. Even when fuel price hiked the number of cars in a family will still be the same.

6. Kuching's roundabout is VERY VERY VERY big compared to other cities. It has the size of almost 1 and half the size of a football field. They could even build dozens and dozens of houses inside the roundabout and thousands of plants and trees in it.

7. The people here often refer the location in the city by using the word "mile". Example are 3rd mile, 4th mile, 5th mile and so on.

8. Many shops in the cities start to close their shop at around 6pm to 10pm at night.

9. Majority of the people in Kuching is more family minded than money minded.

10. Places that a tourist would most probably visit when they are at Kuching are Jalan Song (for the foods), Friendship park (for dating), Waterfront area (for the culture), cultural village (for the culture also), Damai Beach (for the beach), Santubung (for hiking) and various national parks (for the animals and plants).

11. Foods that should not be missed when visit Kuching are the famous Kolo Mee, Mee Po, Kampua mee, Laksa Sarawak, Kek Batik/Lapis, Kueh Chap and 7th mile teh C peng and most importantly our Tomato Mee.

12. When you order fruit juices at food courts, prepare to face the curious and blurry expressions from the locals there. Why? Local people seldom order fruit juice and fruit juices in Kuching is quite expensive. They mostly ordered Teh C Peng or Teh C Special (3layer drink).

13. Kuching has one of the luxurious and largest DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) building or could be said as palace.

14. The majority of people here are more civilized minded compare to other cities in Malaysia and most of them are very friendly.

15. Various languages are mastered by the locals here such as Sarawak language, Iban language, Bidayuh language, Hokkien language, Mandarin language, Bahasa Melayu, English and so on.

16. Don't be surprised if you see non-malay speaking Iban/Sarawak language and malays speaking mandarin. Its a norm here.

17. Majority of local guys here have tatoo on their body.

18. Do not expect all the long houses to be made of wood, built in the middle of the jungle, with no electricity and water, surviving with only river stream nearby! Its not true. Most of the long houses here are already developed and looked like a long terrace house with abundant electricity and water supplies.

19. Most cars in Kuching are imported cars such as Porche, Mazda RX8, Nissan Skyline, Toyota, and Honda (this shows that the people here are quite rich). However, there are also a lot of Perodua Viva and Kancil (for renting and economic usage).

20. Kuching have lots of food courts perhaps the highest/sq feet where muslims and non-muslim stalls opening together. You can order satay and kolo mee and eat together. Perpaduan to the Max here!

21. In Kuching, you can go kayaking in the sea, caving, jungle trekking, mountain climbing, shopping, national park visiting, visiting border town market(serikin-indonesia/msia) all within an hour's journey. You can't do that in other cities of Malaysia. You can't do kayaking, mountain climbing and jungle trekking in KL.

22. Kuching has a lot of churches.

23. Kuching is a city that has 2 salvation armies.

24. Kuching has a roundabout with a kindergarten and backpacker's lodge(Transit point) in it.

25. Kuching has the most beautiful roundabout-flyover (kenyalang interchange)

26. We have a place called Saberkas which is similar to Low Yat Plaza in KL selling electronic gadgets.

27. Kuchingites childhood instant noodle is called the "Lee Fah Mee" and not Maggie Mee.

28. Kuching is where you can find "Whitelady" in almost all drink stalls. (Only Kuchingites know what it is)

29. Kuching waterfront is where you can find "Gamibir" sold legally everywhere. (Only Sarawakian knows what is Gambir)

30. "Demak" brand motorcycles are produced in Kuching (That is why we have Demak Laut Industrial park)

31. In Kuching you don't only see KFC, Pizaa Hut and McDonalss in Shopping Malls. We have our homegrown "Sugarbun" fast food chain too!

32. Kuching has a special complex where the whole area is selling pirated CDs/DVDs and it seems to be legal. (Kenyalang Park)

33. Kuching is the only city in the world having two mayors... (DBKU and MBKS)

34. Kuching people are pure lazy to walk, they will park their cars next to the coffee shop they patronize, preferably by the side of the tables they sit, even if it is illegal..

35. We are not addicted to Tutti Frutti or Baskin Robbins, but Kuchingites will go for a Sunny Hill Ice Cream on a hot day!

36. Kuching has a lot of mixed marriage couples! And they respect all types of religions! You can easily see Malays attending a wedding reception in a Catholic Church, or Chinese lepak lepak with Malays around.

37. The famous 3-layerred tea was originated from Kuching 7th mile.

38. Kuching is the only place where chinese-made ais kacang and kolo mee can commonly be seen done by malays! (We have halal kolo mees here!)

39. Kuching has a "Jalan Keretapi" without any signs of keretapi.

40. You know what is "Terubok" and "Midin" if you have been to Kuching or Sarawak.

41. Kuching's Oyster Pancake(O'Chien) is extra-large and crispy-type compared to other Oyster Pancakes.

42. Kuching has the most massage parlours per square km in Malaysia. You can normally find AT LEAST 20 ads of different massage parlours in one page of chinese newspaper here.

43. In Kuching, the left lane is normally the faster lane. Please bear with the fact when you are driving around Kuching City.

44. In Kuching, there is no "wrong way" for your routes. Because whichever direction you choose, it can still lead you to your destination. There are thousands of shortcuts here!

45. No matter how dirty Kuching is, please accept the fact that Kuching is the Cleanest City in Malaysia.

46. Kuching city is the cleanest cities in Malaysia and was voted as one of the world's healthiest cities, recognized and awarded by both United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) and by the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC).

Udah baca sampe abis? sik? malas maca? yahhhhhhh... standard prangey org malaysia malas membaca bah... tapi tahniah kepada sapa yang berjaya maca abis fakta2 ya tek (termasok dirik kamek... *cehh*)...

Camne? ngakuk sik smua fakta ya benar? aku nang mengakui semua ya nang benar. nak paling epic skali nak fakta roundabout ya, bak kata kawan aku tek, "boleh molah hotel tengah2 ronobot ya". dasyat mena city planner rah swk tok...

ok, akhir kata kepada ktk urang. jumpa gik next article, Salamualaikum & Slamat malam.


  1. nice2..ada juak bnda baru dibelaja mostly bnyk dh tauk dh

  2. Terbaik... Dengan harapan perangei n budaya dak lepeh sik mengular ke Borneo walaupun dah ada tanda2nya..

  3. Ahaha, point number 45! Too true! But it really is very clean, to be honest!

  4. AHAHAH! Point number 45, but it really is true!

  5. everything is soooooo true! kmk setuju ngan semua ya terutama skali nak part 'kuching's food court' ya. perpaduan to the max! :D

  6. izhar tuk faizul kah? haha. btw org swak boleh reply text pake cgek huruf selain k, "X" haha

  7. izhar tuk Faizul nak haha. nang Fact bena lah sal kuching tok. Awesome entry good job

  8. Hey that's my photo!

    1. I'm sorry about that, i will place credit to your name. I found that photo in facebook i found it nice so I save it! i'm very sorry about that bro!

  9. welcome to malaysia including SABAH AND SARAWAK people!! cdak belah nun xpat nerimak Sarawak sbb we are too special...that's a fact, period! :)

  10. kamek suka. mun dapat tambah gik fact nok benar2 belaka,. pasal hasil bumi kita lah yg byk mbangunkan kws semenanjung nun. sian kita~ wakakaka.

  11. Baruk tauk no satu ya ada di sarawak ajak..pengalaman dirik pun di putrajaya kenak kerja Mpv sebab langgar lampu merah bila belok kiri sedangkan jalan lurus lampu ijo.Selalunya kat sitok apa tunggu agik mun dah lurus lampu ijo...hehehe.nice blog...thumb up..

  12. So happy to read all =D Kuching rocks!

  13. 43, left lane is slower lane. right lane is faster lane

    1. But too many slow drivers using the right lane, which caused other drivers to use the left lane to overtake them.

    2. thats why point 43 is one of kuching facts... too many slow drivers using right lane and causing the rushing driver to use left lane.... its fact in kuching...

  14. it's all true...lo0oo0oo0o0ve Kuching....n currently missing it badly too!...=p

  15. Lol, no 43, ya nang benar ya HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Add more many airport in sarawak.... :) always travel by plane...

  17. Hey, that's pretty cool. great info :)

  18. kch ppl choose big bike to merempit instead ex5

  19. Planning to be there this year for Gawai perhaps? :)

  20. yo... aku orang kuching juak, tapi aku dok ngan keja rah semenanjung.. cuma mok komen sikit:

    1. Turn left when exit is clear is implemented in Kedah

    16. In West Malaysia, it is a rising trend for non-Chinese to send their children to Chinese school. So I know Malay friends who have children who can speak Mandarin. So it's not unusual in West Malaysia, or at least not anymore.

    OK, itu jak.. tapi aku nang setuju, Kuching nang the best city. heheh

  21. Nang best! thanks so much for this awesome list. huwaaa, polah aku rindu bena jak ngan Kuching tok, sik sabar mok balit Gawai tok kelak!!

  22. Bro..u made me laugh so hard n remind me so much of home ! Nice one bro ~ mek cine tapi klakar swak juak...mek duduk atas pokok tapi pakey high speed lift ba...!

  23. Mek gelak x henti2 baca article ktk...I salute u bro !! If swakians stay on trees...can u build high speed lift into trees ? We can... =)) Happy Gawai in advance to swakians !

  24. More than 50% of houses in Kuching are Semi-D and bungalows which is more than any other cities.??

    there must be something wrong with your calculator dear sir..


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