Friday, 11 November 2016

The Summary of My Life.

3 Sapphire, class of 2015
It was already ten years since I graduated my kindergarten. Right now, I am sitting for my form 4 final examination before entering a whole new rhealm of adulthood. The clock is ticking slowly, passing minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day approaching slowly to 2017.

In 2006, I graduated my kindergarten alongside with my kindergarten classmates and also my current classmate, Hamizan Imran. The graduation ceremony is still fresh in my thoughts. It was held in Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. I am considered a smart kindy because of my ability to read as early as 5 years old. Therefore, I wouldn’t have any problem when studying in primary one since I already have the ability to read while the other pupils struggling to read from the textbook when asked by the teacher.

In 2007, I attended primary one in SK Matang Jaya. There was a lot of cries during the first day. I can still remember parents waiting for their children at the canteen benches eventhough the headmaster wouldn’t encourage them to. I was registered into 1 C, an average class and later relocated into 1 B, a class for pupils who can read well. 5 years later, I faced my first public exam, the UPSR. I scored well and managed to enter Kolej DPAH Abdillah, one of the best schools in Sarawak.
In 2013, I met a lot of students from different walks of life. One of my favourite is Alexeral. He is an Iban, hails from rural area if Sibu. For me, his life is very much interesting. It is a rare occasion to meet a native who still stick to their customs and traditions. When I had free time in the class, I would ask him to tell me the stories of how he lived back in his hometown. With pleasure, he would inform every activities he had done with his father. I remember the moment he told me about how he followed his father into the dense jungle of the internal Sibu to hunt for boars. Then, two interesting years had passed away and I had to face another exam, but this one was not a public exam, it’s a school-controlled examination that succeeded PMR, the PT3.

In 2015, it was a short year. Too short that I felt like it has only been 3 weeks after I registered and the PT3 examination already shoved my face in October. It is funny that our class in 2015 didn’t have any prefects chosen because of our class ‘great’ reputation among the teachers. Every recommendation was cancelled due to the greatness of our class. Out of six classes, only our class wasn’t allowed to attend any field trip. Imagine that all of the classes on the floor is empty. Then, there was our class. Playing games and making noises while the other five classes went to the State Library for a trip. Now, all of these only live in my memory.
3 Sapphire, class of 2015.

By the time this story is written, it’s 9:31 AM, 27th of October 2016, 2 months away from 2017. How I wish I can stay in the same year until I am satisfied with life. But no, time will always run, it will never jog, or walk or sit with you while taking a sip of the Tarik in a kopitiam in front of your house. Time waits for nobody so use every second wisely. Like what Casey Neistat quoted, “free time is the enemy of progress”.

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