Monday, 5 March 2012

Contoh soalan Science masa UPSR

a) What is purpose (aim) in this investigation
To investigate the relationship between the the weight of your backpack and the amount of 
b)What is:
  Change:  Weight of your backpack                            
  Observe:  Amount of work                                         

c)What is:
  Trend of change: Decrease                                                   
  Trend of Observe: Increase                                                   

d)What is hypothesis of the investigation.
As the weight of your backpack decrease, the amount of work increase.                          

e)State the reason based on the result of the investigation.
The pupils is using full energy to carry the bag, when the pupils reach class, the energy to complete the exercise is low...                                                                                      

f)What is the conclusion of the investigation.
The more thing on your backpack, the less the work done                                               

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